Woman on Top


Started from the bottom . . . Once hailed as the Queen of Philly’s nightlife, Tiffany Johnson-Skinner now reigns as its prominent First Lady, standing proudly beside her husband, the charismatic Mayor, Malik Skinner. Tiffany is the first to admit that she doesn’t have the perfect life, especially with the demands of her husband, caring for her young daughter, Nylah, and working with Blessed Babies, her budding charity. But since she once ruled the streets, Tiffany should have no problem ruling the city, right? Staying on top… When her husband’s arch nemesis, former District Attorney, Gregory D. Haney, III, reappears, Tiffany may have to revert to some of her old ways to maintain her happy life. She and Mr. Haney share a dark and storied past and Tiffany will stop at nothing to keep it buried before the secrets and lies destroy     everything she’s worked to build. In a riveting, sizzling page-turner, Brenda L. Thomas once again delivers a story of a woman intent on staying on top – no matter what it takes.

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